presentation guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations

A maximum of 20 minutes is allowed for each oral presentation. Speakers are requested to speak for 15-17 minutes and allow for 3-5 minutes of questions and discussion at the end.

A Windows laptop and projector will be provided. Your presentation must be uploaded no later than the meeting break immediately preceding the session in which you are scheduled to give your presentation. Presenters will not be allowed to connect their own laptops or their flash drives at the time of their presentation.

Poster Presentations

Portrait format is preferred.
Posters will be pushpin mounted on grey or black fabric (pushpins provided).

Poster dimensions:

  • Maximum height: 4 feet (48 in./121.92 cm)
  • Maximum width: 3 feet (36 in./91.44 cm)

Poster setup will begin at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, 23 May.

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